Nikola Bajánová

Nikola Bajánová is a Slovak journalist based in Bratislava. After finishing her journalism studies, she has continued as a PhD candidate in European Studies, focusing on the relationship between media and society. She worked for the public broadcaster RTVS as a producer of daily radio shows on politics and current events. She has also worked with the murdered journalist Jan Kuciak at .

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Nathan Crist

Nathan Crist is the Digital Communications Manager and Researcher for Transatlantic Relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation North America, a think tank in Washington, DC. He supports the production of films and other multimedia content for the foundation’s projects on democracy, the digital economy, the future of work, and the transatlantic relationship.

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Sally Eshun

Sally Eshun is a freelance reporter & writer having reported from countries like Germany, Israel and Lebanon on political and social issues. She currently lives in the Netherlands working in the field of international law, women’s & human rights. 


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Alexander Hurst

Besides being co-editor in chief of AWE Magazine, Alexander is a Paris-based freelance journalist. He has previously written for the New Republic, The Daily Beast, France 24, The Caravan India, Hazlitt, and Full Stop. 


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Kevin Sachs

Kevin was born and raised in Zurich but now lives in Toronto. As a former staff writer for Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, previous contributions were featured in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tagesanzeiger and Haaretz. He now works as a film buyer and distributor in Canada. 

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Amélie Drouet

Amélie Drouet is a French journalist based in Denmark. She strives to bring solutions to light. She is always on the lookout for people and ideas that shake it all up for a more sustainable and humane society.


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Ramin Gharavi

Ramin Gharavi was born in Iran and raised in Canada, where he studied at the University of Toronto before obtaining his masters from Sciences Po. He currently works as a consultant in Paris.


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