Ilia Sybil

Ilia Sybil is the Fashion Editor for Art+Design magazine and the Contributing Editor for 7Hollywood magazine, US. A former Vogue GR intern, she writes about fashion and retail and their intersection with culture and economy.

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Ties Gijzel

Ties is founder and head of multimedia and partnerships at Are We Europe. Before starting Are We Europe, he worked for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, NOS and he followed a Msc.Today, his mission is to kickstart young creative European talent.

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AuthorAuthorTies Gijzel
Emilie Mendes de Leon

Emilie is an entrepreneur and lover of learning. By day she works in wine, by night she makes historical treasure hunts. An avid-fan of hypothetical questions, this is her first attempt to explore one on paper.

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AuthorAuthorEmilie, khipu
Julia Migné

Julia Migné is an endless traveller currently living in Oxford who swore that she would visit one country for each letter of the alphabet. She is the co-founder of INKLINE, an international media platform, and specializes in environmental issues. Twitter: @MigneJulia

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Maya Middlemiss

Maya Middlemiss is a writer and marketer with a passion for emergent technology and the future of work, society, money and lifestyle. She’s a native Londoner presently settled on the East Coast of Spain, working with clients all over the world. Twitter: @Mayamiddlemiss

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Jonathan Pichot

Jonathan Pichot was born and raised in Michigan by French parents. He has worked in software and civic technology for over 9 years. Currently, he is a Product Manager at NYC Planning Labs, a small digital team embedded in the New York City Department of City Planning. He lives in Brooklyn. Twitter: @_pichot

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Harry Jervis

Harry is a graduate in Political Economy from King's College London, and European Space Agency alumni. Born in the United Kingdom, and raised in France, he is passionate about international politics, writing, and emerging technologies, from space tech to robotics. Twitter: @HarryRJervis

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AuthorLondonHarry Jervis
Vivien Zhu

Vivien Zhu is from London and is a recent graduate from the University of Oxford. She is currently a freelance writer for a consulting blog whilst beginning her studies to become a lawyer.

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AuthorLondonVivien Zhu
Millie Paine

Millie Paine is a graduate in Politics and International Relations from the University of Cambridge. Having worked for the past two years as a digital product strategist, she is fascinated by the intersection between technology and society, and how the technological revolution is impacting our political systems.

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Nicole Chi

Nicole Chi investigates how technology impacts foreign, economic, and social policy challenges across the globe. She is the co-founder of the Intentful Tech Collaborative, a NY-based organization that builds technology for the public good.

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Jackson Webster

Jackson is a native of Los Angeles, California, and has been living and working in Europe for six years. He's written on politics, foreign policy, and Russia for STRIFE, and is a regular contributor on tech policy for Wonk Bridge, a digital humanities project based in London. He's currently based in Paris where he works in cybersecurity.

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Rupert Riddle

Rupert Riddle is a third year Political Science student studying at Amsterdam University College. Born and raised in London, he is interested in the intersection between social media, technology and political participation.

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