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Note from the editors



This fourth issue of Are We Europe magazine both is, and isn’t, an issue about the European parliamentary elections of May 2019. Because elections are about more than campaigning and tallying votes, and these issues reach much further. By moving beyond the campaigns, candidates and political manifestos, and the actual elections, we are staking a claim that real change happens by continued engagement from those shaking things up on the ground. That's why we made a selection of more than thirty future "movers and shakers"—activists, authors, lobbyists and campaigners—in each EU country and beyond.

We hope you do vote in May 2019, but that your vote is where you start, not where you stop.

Because you don’t vote, right? #ProveThemWrong

This magazine is produced by the Are We Europe Foundation.

The Are We Europe Team

Design and illustrations by Eddie Stok
Additional illustrations by
Lucie Ménétrier, Rosa ter Kuile, and Teddy





Stella Toonen —Europe

Can Museums Save European Democracy?


Filip Brokes & Francesca Visser —Czech Republic, Italy & the Netherlands

Europe’s Far-Right Online Bubble


Benedict Hamlyn —United Kingdom

Brexit: What the Bloody Hell Happened?


Joris Teer —Netherlands

Xi Jinping: Europe’s New Emperor?


Luke Ambrose & Kinga Fodor —Hungary

Hungary: Bleeding From a Thousand Wounds


Profiling the Next Generation of Europe's Movers & Shakers


On the brink of the European Parliament elections, we look beyond the candidates and political parties. Instead, we bring you more than thirty-five personal portraits of the next generation “movers and shakers” from each of the EU’s 28 member states, and beyond. From 9-year olds to 30-somethings, these are the people shaping Europe from the bottom up. Because voting is not the final act in the theater we call democracy; it’s just the opening scene.


Austria — Max Schrems

Silicon Valley’s Worst Nightmare

Belarus — The Belarus Free Theatre

Artivism in Europe’s Last Dictatorship

Belgium — Anuna De Wever and Adélaïde Charlier

Skipping School to Save the World

Bulgaria — Lina Krivoshieva

A Toest to Bulgaria’s Free Press

Croatia — Srećko Horvat

The Punk Rock Philosopher

Cyprus — Colive and Tesura

Mending Cyprus Might Just Start With a Pun

Czech Republic — Pavla Holcová

Chasing the Trail of the Italian Mafia in the Czech Republic

Denmark — Emma Holten

The Naked Truth: Emma Holten's Revenge Against Revenge Porn

Estonia — Martin A. Noorkõiv

The Futuristic Leader: Estonia's Crash Course in Democracy

Finland — Koko Hubara

Not Half Of Anything: Putting Race and Identity on the Map in Finland

Finland — Laura Kolehmainen

Ilmastoveivi2019: Can Finland Lead the Way in EU Climate Policy?

France — Édouard Louis

The Rise of Eddy: Born in the Gutter, Becoming the Intelligentsia

France — Gilets Jaunes

At the Grassroots of Populism: Yellow Vests, Red Fury

Germany — Louis Klamroth

“Gutmensch Klamroth”: The Journalist Prodigy Who Speaks Like a Politician

Germany — #MeTwo

So Close, Yet So Far: Mesut Özil, #MeTwo and the Fight for Belonging in Germany

Greece — Golden Dawn Watch

The Dawn of Justice: Neo-Nazis on Trial in Greece

Hungary — András Fekete-Győr

Taking Down Orbán: If You Can’t Beat 'em, Join 'em

Ireland — Ryan Veil and Elma Orkestra

Borders and What We Lose When We Forget the Land

Italy — I Sentinelli di Milano

Same-Sex Marriage Standoff in Milan


Latvia — Fine Young Urbanists

A Blueprint for Democracy: Redesigning Public Space in Latvia

Lithuania — Andrius Tapinas

Who’s Laughing Now? A Talk Show Host Goes Political

Luxembourg — Liz Wenger

Speak Luxembourgish With Me

Malta — Moviment Graffitti

Malta’s Leftist Relief

Netherlands — Nemr Salim

Stateless in Europe: A Boy's Fight for the Right to Stay

Netherlands — Tim Hofman


Norway — Ulrikke Falch

Feminist Firestarter: To Influence, or Not To Influence

Poland — Marta Lempart

Body Politics: These Women Organized the Largest Pro-Choice Protest Ever in Poland

Poland — Ordo Iuris

Abort Mission: Inside Poland’s Largest Anti-Abortion Lobby Group

Portugal — Alexandre Farto

Vhils—Destroy. Create. Repeat.

Romania — Florin Bădiță

Fighting on All Fronts in Romania

Slovakia — Matúš Kostolný

The Editor Leading the Fight for Independent Journalism in Slovakia

Slovenia — N’toko

Dreaming About a “Woke” Slovenia

Spain — Comisión 8M

From Macho to Matriarchy: Spain’s New Feminist Wave

Sweden — Greta Thunberg

The Thunderous Campaign of Greta Thunberg

Switzerland — Flavia Kleiner

Change the Narrative: How a Swiss Group is Beating Right-Wing Populists

Turkey — Oy ve Ötesi

Close Watch: Monitoring Free and Fair Elections in Turkey

United Kingdom — My Life My Say

Can the UK Solve Its Political Divide Over Coffee?

Brussels — The Good Lobby

Lobbying, for Citizens’ Sake

Europe — Sisters of Europe

Sisters of Europe: Two Leaders, Seventeen Stories, One Goal


Photo Series



Matongé: a slice of a neighborhood

Diana Takacsova & Trudy Kazangu

100 Years of Nationalism in Poland

Christina Desylla





My Dear Old Continent

Ana Vidosavljevic

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