HR and Big Data: A Match Made in Heaven?


What to do about data privacy in the age of analytics? How should companies balance the desire to track their employees' activities with the right to privacy at work? Tracking and data gathering may incentivize productivity, but might also lead to self-censorship at work by employees, ultimately stifling creative thinking and problem-solving.

Illustration by  Eddie Stok  for Are We Europe

Illustration by Eddie Stok for Are We Europe


Developments in AI and big data management have reshaped the way we live and work. Companies looking to attract the best and the brightest employees are getting up to speed with this technology, adopting tools like TalentBin and Evolve that monitor applicants’ interests and personality traits to help recruiters find the best person available for the job. In fact, even the most basic LinkedIn-hosted recruitment process is heavily reliant on AI for efficiency.

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