Will Developers Eventually Develop Themselves out of a Job?


Will the day come when coders feel tempted to smash their computers, sabotage their own programs, and fight to save their jobs from being taken over by the algorithms they themselves created?

Illustration by  Eddie Stok  for Are We Europe

Illustration by Eddie Stok for Are We Europe


With the rapid automation of jobs ranging from manufacturing to medicine, it is only natural that, while considering which professions could eventually be taken over by artificial intelligence, the spotlight is on the technology industry itself. Is it possible that software engineering could be automated, with developers eventually developing themselves out of a job? Advances in machine learning mean that, when fed a certain amount of data, AI can learn new skills in the same way as humans—in some cases, even better. It therefore seems plausible that the creation of AI itself can also be automated, meaning that software engineers would essentially become obsolete.

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