The One-Person Enterprise: Supporting Freelancers in Europe


What does it mean to be a freelancer today?

Illustration by  Eddie Stok  for Are We Europe

Illustration by Eddie Stok for Are We Europe


Often operating as small business owners and working with little to no protection, freelancers lack a clear understanding of the legal and administrative policies of the country they work in, and what distinguishes them from the traditional labor market. Working in a “grey area” between full time employees and entrepreneurs, freelancers benefit from flexibility in terms of office hours and locations. But this work arrangement doesn’t always live up to the hype.

The effort required to maintain and run a business while achieving a well-balanced life is a common challenge among all freelancers. The Harvard Business Review surveyed around 400 freelancers in Europe and North America. One individual described the constant amount of outreach efforts necessary to stay in business. Along with constantly selling one’s services, loneliness and promoting a brand identity and reputation were cited as other issues freelancers face.

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