Are Job-Searching Platforms the New Tinder?


Do gamification, making connections, and the algorithms that power finding matches hold the same potential to change the way we find and accept jobs as they did for finding and accepting dates?

Illustration by  Eddie Stok  for Are We Europe

Illustration by Eddie Stok for Are We Europe


With over 50 million users and 26 million matches per day, Tinder has revolutionized dating ever since it launched in 2012. If you see someone swiping away on their phone, whether it’s on the bus, at work or in the street, chances are they’re on Tinder. Its popularity makes sense: swiping (essentially window shopping) is addictive and Tinder’s special algorithm and geo-targeting means you can match, organize and go on a date within an hour. 

Tinder has made dating easier than ever, but matching people with similar interests can also be used for another tedious activity—job searching. With approximately 45% of all jobseekers searching for jobs daily on their phones, it has never been more important for employers to make their recruitment process mobile. 

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