My Dear Old Continent


My dear Old Continent, what has happened to you?

Some strange twisted days have caught hold of you.

Your children went astray.

No one plays on the street. They buzz empty with the echo of nostalgia.

Balls and toys abandoned and forgotten lay in the corners of sheds and basements packed with all those tokens which were cherished so much just a couple of decades ago.

Rotten to the core. Spoiled. In pieces. Covered in mold, blistered and mutilated.

Their eyes are missing to see changes that hurt your soul, Old Continent.

Their limbs are gone and they can’t do anything to stop the progress of your heart’s decay.

My dear Old Continent, your children don’t play outside anymore.

They don’t even know what Hide and seek, Hopscotch, Monkey in the Middle are.

These sound like the names of some video games. Old-fashioned, outdated and boring.

Your children are not even interested in learning what these games are about.

No battles, no blood, no killing in them. Boring.

There is so much entertainment in everything virtual and brutal today.

All those big screen sets, small pocket devices and online pleasures, monsters, aliens, killers, murderers, violent and ravenous. They bring joy and vicious adrenaline boost.

So much fun!

They make a soul scream and exhilarate.

They bring the maximum of painful and twisted amusement.

They teach and educate your children about the cruelties of this world. And what the heck!

Why wouldn’t your children find pleasure in those obscenities?! They are reality, anyway.

My dear old Continent, parents can’t make their and your children go outside and play. Laziness is a new

Disease which cripples the children.

They are glued to their chairs, comfortable bean bags, couches and beds.

Their butts are numbly set in the holes and texture of their seats that they don’t dare to ruin the perfection of sitting.

Their fingers are fully developed to move fast through the buttons and keyboards.

These little fingers are the masters of speed. They move as fast as the light. Fiercely, precisely, ferociously.

Your children’s eyesight is damaged by staring at all those big and small screens, but who cares?

Laser surgeries will take care of it. And all those modern plastic interventions will bring perfection to everything that is spoiled, old and decaying.

Defects, flaws, deformities. Yuck! Wrinkles are abhorrent. Terrible. Disgusting. Let’s get rid of them!

Disproportions. One boob can’t be bigger than the other one. Even if it was a microscopic difference.

Let’s pump them with silicones and make them beautiful balloons!

Thin lips?! How are you supposed to kiss someone with those thin lines?

Those plump juicy lips are wanted. We all want them. And that luscious peachy pout. Lovely!

Your children don’t want imperfections. The imperfections are not welcome.

My dear Old Continent, where have all those days of innocence and curiosity gone?

What is innocence, anyway? And why would one want to be curious? There is Google. Problem solved.

And why have all these new games brought so much blood, cruelty and pain?

Is the pain the new pleasure?

I am sorry my dear Old Continent. I am truly sorry for everything that has fallen upon you.

I believe you can’t stop shedding tears of sorrow for everything lost and gone.

Or maybe you don’t.

Maybe you also try to adapt to this modern, plastic, virtual and cool world.

Maybe you also seek the perfection of shape and form.

And maybe one day you will also get rid of all those river, lake and creek wrinkles and cover your face and body with the refined layer of asphalt, iron and plastic.

My dear Old Continent, I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Those wanted and those unwanted. I hope they will bring you the fake joy and bloody entertainment.

And if they don’t, don’t forget that you still have all those forgotten toys in basements, attics and tool sheds.

They might be boring and outdated. But at least they made millions of your children purely happy.


This article appears in Are We Europe #4: This Is Not An Elections Issue

This Is Not An Elections Issue
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