Ilmastoveivi2019: Can Finland Lead the Way in EU Climate Policy?

Illustration by  Eddie Stok

Illustration by Eddie Stok


“WE WANT TO UNITE OUR SOCIETY, which has become more divided during the last couple of years,” Laura Kolehmainen explains eagerly. One of the co-founders of Ilmastoveivi2019, she reflects her generation’s conviction that addressing climate change can also be a way of tackling rising inequality. “We want to send a message from the youth, where this division isn’t so deeply felt yet, that everyone’s invited to build a new sustainable and fossil-free society.”

Everyone’s invited to build a new sustainable and fossil-free society.


Finland will have an opportunity to influence the direction of European politics when it holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union from July to December 2019. And there will be more wiggle room than usual to adjust the EU’s policy orientation over the next five years, because the European Parliament and European Commission will have just been re-elected. “We want our presidency to be all about climate change action and we want to revise the EU 2030 and 2050 targets for emission cuts: they are not ambitious enough,” Laura says.

Ilmastoveivi2019 is hoping to collect 500,000 signatures, pushing the Finnish government to make climate change Europe’s top priority. “Let’s take advantage of our position for once and do the rest of the world a favor.”


This article appears in Are We Europe #4: This Is Not An Elections Issue

This Is Not An Elections Issue
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