Meet the Artist: Saed Fanari

This painting is about a beautiful memory, before the war in the Middle East and Syria
— Saed Fanari

Under the moniker ‘Give us the Museum’, a group of artists and creatives who recently came to The Netherlands took over the Stedelijk Museum for a month, joined by the novelist Arnon Grunberg and facilitated by Makers Unite, to explore what the museum means to them.

What are their thoughts on European culture and identity?


Lives in Amsterdam
Concept designer, artist, painter and photographer, who moved from Aleppo to Amsterdam, willing to transfer the feeling of optimism, through his canvas’ bright colours and fresh form. Having studied (artistic design) Fanari has worked for twenty-five years as a creator/concept designer, which created a solid base and a tangible impact on his artworks and paintings later on. 
Started with Impressionism, moved then to abstract art, passing Rayonism and Futurism styles, influenced by art masters such as “Theo van Doesburg” and “Piet Mondrian”, in a constant searching for his visual/artistic own identity. Powerful colours, iconic depth, inherent balance and harmony, are the components that reveal Fanari’s visual sense, and the subjects of his paintings lay in three areas:

Nostalgia, Identity, Diversity
Having had a dual wings: fragrant/authentic Orient and modern/productive West, gave him a real impactful inspiration, which has been combined with his life’s coloured occasions, which inhabited his heart, both the painful and bright of them, reflected in his work’s interactive moods and tones, melts in an interesting and composite outcome in the viewer eyes.