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Naomi Harris captured portraits of people in American-themed amusement parks in Europe and European themed towns in America. By capturing these living embodiments of the transatlantic ties that bind European and American culture together, Harris shows the intermingling and fluidity of tradition, cultural identity and collective memory.

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Writing Against War: A Tale of Two Magazines, 1914-1918

One hundred years ago, a European magazine and its American counterpart challenged the necessity of World War I. Do words still carry the same weight today? Lilly Schreiter takes a historical dive into the role of free speech during a time of war.

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Killing With Kindness. Are Americans Really as Nice as They Think?

How can the same country have a reputation for excessive niceness, and an excess of mass shootings? “In the mid-western region of the United States, we’d rather die than talk to each other so rudely,” writes Kristie Pladsen, about learning to live with German directness.

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