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Penning Words from Exile

Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt used to cover the refugee influx to Europe at his newspaper. He never imagined that Erdogan’s war on the press would would soon force him to become one such refugee.

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Writing Against War: A Tale of Two Magazines, 1914-1918

One hundred years ago, a European magazine and its American counterpart challenged the necessity of World War I. Do words still carry the same weight today? Lilly Schreiter takes a historical dive into the role of free speech during a time of war.

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“the soldiers on their tanks, laughing, their shotguns pointed towards the pale december sun. i /  stand in the little ivy dead-end where my grandparents live, close to the cherry tree, distinctly i / hear the voices of the fighters sing” - Pepsi, a poem by Irina Breitenstein.

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