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Note from the editors

This fourth issue of Are We Europe magazine both is, and isn’t, an issue about the European parliamentary elections of May 2019. Because elections are about more than campaigning and tallying votes, and these issues reach much further.

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Note from the Editors - Uprooted

At the turn of the last century, Zygmunt Bauman proclaimed that mankind was entering a phase of “liquid modernity.” Humans, he wrote, would become ever more nomadic, and their moral and social identities would be uprooted.

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From the Editors

Our new issue on transatlanticism dives into the social, historical and cultural forces shaping the relationship between Europe and the US. From an increasingly Europeanized Netflix, to the bi-coastal intermingling of hip-hop culture, to black European identity, here's how Europe and the United States remain incredibly entwined—even if those threads are beginning to fray.

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