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Europe’s Far-Right Online Bubble

Whether it is Matteo Salvini in Italy, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands or Tomio Okamura in the Czech Republic, populist politicians know that disinformation websites—and their audiences—are their natural allies. But will the upcoming EU parliamentary elections enable Europe’s far-right to harness the power of fake news on social media? Filip Brokes & Francesca Visser find out.

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Searching for Somewhere: My Cosmopolitan Lover’s Affair with Far-Right Populism

A personal essay about how a young, European studies graduate became obsessed by the social media presence of the Austrian leader of Generation Identity, Martin Sellner, and his girlfriend, the American far-right journalist Brittany Pettibone.

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Are Migrant Women Spurring a New Wave in French Feminism?

Over the past few decades, increasing numbers of women and gender minorities from Europe’s former colonies have pushed at the shape of French feminism.

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